WordPress 4.5 was released last week and it’s an exciting time as everyone gets to play with the multitude of new features. WordPress 4.5 includes a raft of visual editing improvements that makes it much easier for users to edit and create more content. Also included is a more streamlined comment moderation tool, responsive previews in the theme editor and improvements to the optimised image size generator released in WordPress 4.5

For more information on information on WordPress 4.5 features click here.

However, WordPress core updates also come with the little bugs that break things on your existing site! For instance, WordPress 4.5 updated the jQuery (JavaScript) version, which is relied upon by some of the exciting features sites contain on their friend end – such as video content, image sliders and maps. Furthermore, it also broke some of the most common back end theme editors that allow you to manipulate the content on you site.

That’s why a managed web hosting service is important – let someone else update your site the right way so that these issues don’t occur and your customers don’t become frustrated by broken features.

Peak Websites offers a Managed WordPress Hosting package at an affordable price. Our package includes updates, content editing, security scans, uptime monitoring and much more! We are a firm believer that our role as a web developer does not ‘cease’ once your site is up and running. Instead, we want to play an ongoing role with your business to ensure your website is maintained to the highest standards to help you continually improve your digital presence and grow your business!

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